Perzanowow's Leor PER a (colour 3)
Male | Born: 1980

Sire: CH Davindos Moonlight Mist PER a (färg 3)
Dam: IC Perzanowow's Lalka PER a (färg 3)

Breeder: Eva Perzanowska

Running out in the neighbourhood all his life, hunting for a fight becouse he could'nt stand other cats. He was a lovely cat with a highly protecting of one's territory. Not a cat in sight. The vet put him to sleep four times to take care of his injuries after the biggest fights. He calmed down a bit his two last years.
He had a huge healthy fur with the same colour as the asphalt. One big problem for the neighbours because he prefered to sleep in the middle of the road outside the house. It's a wonder that he could be fourteen years.
We never bringed him to shows, afterwards one can think it was a pity. According to the breeder, Eve Perzanowska (swedish judge) he was, except for his chin that eventually could have been a little more developed, a superpersian.