SC S*Wonderwoods Endless Love, JW

NFO w 64
White with green eyes


Born: 2009-04-30

Sire: SW'08 SC Purple Haze Blue Tanis CH*, JW, DSM, DVM,
Dam: S*Wonderwoods Baby Doll
NFO n 24

Breeder: Li Sellgren

This little darling has been in my mind for a quite a while. Finally she is here and I'm so happy and proud.
She is a big female with a lot of qualities and we'll se what the futures will bring.
There was no difficulties to introduce her to the other cats. She has a crunch to the neuter when she is in heat and he respond. She's purring all the time and eats a lot. She is a wonderful female, easy to handle, pleasant and very social. We love her so much. Hugs to the breeder for this miracle.
Mother of litter 9
Health status: | GSD IV negative | FIV-FELV negative (2009, 2012) | HCM negative 2012-02-16 |

13 x Best in Show
25 x Nominated for Best in Show
1 x BIV U/J

2 x BIV

N° 2 Adult female SVERAK (S) 2010

N° 1 BIV NFO w SVERAK (S) 2010
N° 10 Adult Skogkatt of the Year 2010
N° 6 Adult female Skogkattslingan (S) 2010

N° 1 Kitten & Junior Skogkattslingan (S) 2009
N° 1 Kitten Birka Catclub (S) 2009
N° 1 Junior Birka Catclub (S) 2009
N° 3 Kitten & Junior SVERAK (S) 2009
N° 1 BIV NFO w SVERAK (S) 2009
N° 29 Kitten Skogkatt of the Year 2009

SW'08 SC Purple Haze Blue Tanis CH*, JW

EC Love & Peace Blue Tanis CH*, JW
NFO w62

IC La Forêt's Valiant
NFO w62

GIC La Forêt's Imponerende Samson, DM
NFO n0923

IC DK*Europa's Kønne Sussi

EC Kara Mell av Fjellheia
NFO f09

CH H'Neil Young Blue Tanis CH*
NFO n0923

EC Honeybee av Fjellheia, DM
NFO fs0922

CH Miss Sixties Blue Tanis CH*
NFO n23

CH H'Neil Young Blue Tanis CH*
NFO n0923
IC Fogerty Blue Tanis CH*

CH Obladi Oblada Feux d'Aurès
NFO n0923

IC Killix Linda Luna

EC DK*Europa's Danske Gorm, DM
NFO n23

EC DK*Europa's Nougat Nød, DM

S*Wonderwoods Baby Doll
NFO n24

Alonso de Khazad-Dûm F*
NFO n23

EC Afjord's Cyrano, DSM
NFO n0923
GIC Dansbjergs Eijnar
NFO d0923

Afjord's Yo-Yo
NFO a0923

GIC Tsunami de Miramis
NFO n0922
Remus de Stang ar Voud F*
NFO a0923
Randi Ponhitas de Wood Lake F*
NFO n0922

CH S*Wonderwoods Affinity Blue Hope, JW
NFO g24

EC S*Redtail's Digory Kirk
NFO es24 [es]

EC S*Utblicken's Zoltan
NFO as

IC S*Millennium's Finesse
NFO f0924

EC S*Blecktrummans Malva, DSM, DM
NFO gs24

IC S*Chewbacca's Assum Tiger
NFO es0923

S*Perlotts Dancing Queen
NFO a23